Plaato chart for Dead Pony Club clone

All the values are hourly averages
The category axis is showing the date (day/month) and hour. Eg. 4/8 18 for August 4th 18 hours
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Fermentation analysis
Yeast:Fermentis US-05 : Safale American
Set temperature:19.0°C   /   66.2°F
Maximum BPM:107   (@ 11-08-2018 16:00 - 54 hours after pitch)
Average BPM:14
Alcohol by volume (ABV):2.7%
Minimum temperature:3.1°C   (@ 22-08-2018 01:00)
Maximum temperature:52.5°C   (@ 09-08-2018 09:56)
Average temperature:14.7°C
Temperature span:49.4°C

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